Certificate Program in Isadora Duncan Studies in China

In conjunction with the Apollo Institute since 2015, Jeanne Bresciani has been invited to extend the IDII’s original Certificate Program I in Isadora Duncan Studies: The Training in China, dedicated to the training and development of the first M.A. and Ph.D. candidates in Expressive Arts Therapies.

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Dr. Bresciani with students of the Apollo Institute, Beijing

As well, it is the first implementation of any Duncan certificate program in Asia. There, Bresciani draws from the vast canon of Isadora’s dance and philosophy and Western art and letters while incorporating the work of Rudolf Laban and other pioneers in the field of Modern movement, dance and therapy in accredited courses. Previous Beijing-based workshops have included: Isadora Duncan & the Many Faces of Love, Isadora Duncan & the Play of Creativity, and Isadora Duncan & the Musical Imagination

This October, Dr. Bresciani will return to China for two further courses:

Isadora Duncan & the Muses Among Us in Guangzhou City, October 27th – 30th


Isadora Duncan & the Dance of Leadership in Beijing, October 31st – November 6th

For more information, please contact the IDII.

About the Apollo Institute: 0

Apollo Institute was founded in 2010 by graduates from the University of Munich School of Psychology and Education. The Apollo Institute is committed to the dissemination and development of creative art therapy, to Chinese and foreign students. All projects are based on the professional standards of the association of the course set up and employ internationally renowned instructors, taking into account the experience and theory, individuals and teams, with a view to cultivate the Chinese professional dancer, music therapist, drama therapy teacher and art therapist, or nourish mature, smart individuals, through dance, music, drama, visual arts and other creative forms of creative arts integrated into the process of helping others.

Apollo Institute is a pioneer in the localization of creative art. Not only invited to Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing University of Architecture, and other colleges and universities to open lectures, but also in Beijing, Jinan and other locales to continue to promote the creative arts in public education. Apollo hopes to promote the development of the psychotherapy field in China, promote the continuous progress of social work in China, down-to-earth application of excellent professional skills and promotion to the needs of the group, with the Chinese NGO, to share experience, to achieve educational institutions and common progress.


About the Certificate Program in Isadora Duncan Studies: 

The IDII Certificate Program: I is a professional training program leading to the certificate in Isadora Duncan studies and to the development of new Duncan teachers, programs and schools worldwide. This training bears wide application for mastery in movement arts within theatrical, educational, therapeutic and healing arts modalities.  In 1989 this certificate program was founded, the first of its kind in Duncan studies and the sole program within accredited academic settings, by Maria-Theresa Duncan and Kay Bardsley, at New York University’s  Graduate School of Education in conjunction with M.A. and Ph.D. degree programs in dance.

The purpose of the program is to train individuals intensively and professionally for the teaching, performance and therapeutic application of the Duncan art of the dance. Four aspects of study and practice are emphasized: the aesthetic, the philosophical, the psychological and the pedagogical.  Each aspect is approached briefly through a theoretical underpinning, then more fully experientially by means of artistic expression and physical embodiment.  The program is based on authentic Duncan technique and choreography, while developing a powerful access to students’ own creative resources for moving, teaching, therapeutic practice and the creation of new works.  Workshops culminate in optional festive work sharings before the public where the art of the dance, the confraternity of dancers and the community at large are served.

The certificate program is intensive in format, held over 7 one-week periods, spanning a five year time frame.  The program may be commenced at any point within its rotating course offerings with no courses requiring sequential attendance.