Isadora Duncan International Institute Dancers


Since its founding in 1977, the Isadora Duncan International Institute has created a permanent home for the preservation of Isadora Duncan’s dance and philosophy.

Founded by Maria-Theresa Duncan and Kay Bardsley, the Isadora Duncan International Institute has the unique distinction of continuing the direct lineage of Isadora via Maria-Theresa, Isadora Duncan’s daughter who danced well into her eighties. From Maria-Theresa, the Isadora Duncan International Institute has been endowed with a choreographic body of work that is considerably larger than other organizations of its kind, and contains diverse works that would otherwise be lost. Many of these pieces represent Isadora Duncan’s later works, performed only by the Isadora Duncan International Institute Dancers. Currently, The Isadora Duncan International Institute Dancers, the resident dance company, and the Isadora Duncan for Children™ performing group, both continue Isadora’s legacy through performance and preservation of the vast body of work left to the institute by Maria-Theresa Duncan. Under the Artistic Direction of Jeanne Bresciani, Ph.D., Artist-in-Residence, the highly acclaimed adult and children’s companies perform nationally and internationally.

The IDII DANCERS, resident ensemble company, performs to great acclaim:

“Isadora, Adored…” 2011

“Isadora Duncan enchanted audiences in the early 20th century. And thanks to artists like Jeanne Bresciani and her disciple Mary DiSanto-Rose, Duncan still enchants today.  These two spirits are imbued with Duncan’s life-affirming, nature-inspired diversions of delight. As seen this past weekend at the Kaatsbaan International Dance Center in “Isadora in the Time of Spring,” these dancers along with a cadre of young, capable adherents, transfixed. Not only did they carry off Duncan’s original works with purity, they were transformed. So too was the audience — astonished by Bresciani, in particular, who once again appeared as Duncan’s reincarnate.”  2011

“Performing to a sold-out house, the Chopin works were breathtakingly performed by Bresciani and company, dancing with intense emotion that elegantly expressed a panoply of feelings, leaving the audience in a trance.” 2012

“All conspired to forge an unforgettable experience in works by Bresciani and Duncan at Kaatsbaan with Bresciani and Company delivering the mythic and the magical in Isis to Isadora.2013

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